Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peace, Love, & Chocolate


"Arresting in its visual shape & draped in bittersweet chocolate, the interior houses a combination of Italian Taleggio cheese, organic walnuts, Tahitian vanilla beans & bittersweet, dark chocolate."

"12-year aged balsamic vinegar from Modena blushes with dark chocolate & roasted Sicilian hazelnuts."

Olio D'Oliva
"Extra virgin olive oil drips into white chocolate topped with dried Kalamata olives."

Polline Di Finnocchio
"Wild Tuscan fennel pollen grows prevalently among the hills near Siena & Firenze. This delicate, chartreuse green pollen is so light that the slightest gale will set it in flight, making it difficult to college & thus extremely pricey. However, this catch is worth every effort, for its delicate flavor explodes into great lengths as it combines with dark chocolate. The finish leaves a green, floral anise that lingers on & on."

Sale Del Mare
"Sicilian sea salt is added to our burnt sugar caramel & then set juxtaposing a sweet milk chocolate ganache. Finished with a mark of a pine nut, this truffle is a beautiful balance of salt to sweet."


  1. hehehe there's one gone already!

  2. Hahaha somehow I knew that was what your comment was going to say. Yes, someone ate one before I could take a picture.

  3. i would eat that whole box. i want to try fancy pollen and all the other fancy stuff with chocolate! heeheehee.

  4. not a great fan of chocolates but these look nice, i like the packaging (:

    CMPang x


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