Wednesday, August 31, 2011

how Sweet it is

{strawberry mango basil salsa & homemade tortilla chips}

I just recently discovered this awesome food blog called How Sweet It Is. The blogger behind it is hilarious and up-beat, the food photos are vibrant and incredibly well-styled (I'm constantly drooling at my computer screen), and her recipes are creative in the best ways ever-- she basically just takes all the yummiest ingredients you could ever think of and makes them into recipes you seriously wish you had thought of yourself!  It's as if she knows what all of my favorite foods are, and then takes those foods and combines them into super simple recipes.  S'mores + browniesBuffalo chicken + nachosCake batter + pancakesOreos + chocolate + peanut butter.  Bacon + chocolate + peanut butter.  I'm telling you she's a genius!

So far I've tried a few recipes and have loved them all: buffalo chicken pasta, enchilada lasagna, grilled breakfast pizza (this one was AMAAAAZING! and how much more simple can it get?!) and strawberry mango basil salsa (best salsa I ever made).  But I'm dying to try the creamy caprese pasta and s'mores pie.  You must check out her blog!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My usual fitness routine is sporadic at best, however, for the past few weeks Holly, Rachel and I have been going to corepower Yoga, 3 times a week.  The classes are heated and intense and while I have not seen any results yet, I certainly feel stronger and more fit.  Of course since I am working out more often, I also need more active gear!  My go-to brand for athletic wear is lululemon; all the items I own, from my most recently purchased Get Fit Tank to my favorite Groove Pant, fit great and feel incredibly smooth and comfortable.  The only downside is that their prices are quite steep, especially for clothing you're going to drench in sweat, so I have been looking for a price-friendly alternative.  While perusing Target, I found these capri pants that have a similar look and feel to my lululemon pants, and so far they are functioning quite well too.  At less than 1/3 the price, they are totally a steal.

I also saw this top in store, but they did not have my size in stock.  The top comes with an inner-bra, which is one of my favorite features of lululemon tops.  I just ordered one online... crossing my fingers it works out well! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Flower Friday

{dahlias and spray roses: my favorite bouquet so far from B!} 

This has been a crazy week, what with earthquakes in the most unexpected places, and a major hurricane on it's way to the east coast.  Whenever there is a significant earthquake anywhere nearby it reminds me that we're all just waiting for the "big one" here in California.  I hope this weekend doesn't bring too much chaos, no matter where you are.  I plan to take full advantage of the nice hot summer weather with friends, food, and fun in the sun. =)

Thank you for visiting our blog and I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

p.s. Stay safe over there on the east coast, t.lynn!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Bucket List revisited: #7

7. Serious Eats' Doughnut Tour

I wouldn't take the Serious Eats guide to the best doughnuts in NYC, well, seriously.

We began at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, winner of the best custard + jam doughnut. They warned that it was served only on weekends, but it should have specified that it was only on Saturdays. We were there, of course, on a Sunday.

{the doughnut we were meant to try}

Next up was the best mochi doughnut at Koryodang (32nd St btw 5th & Broadway). This doughnut was not good. It's called a Sweet Rice Twist but it tastes like doughy nothingness, with no textural evidence of mochi.

The mochi doughnut that should have been on the list is from Cafe Zaiya (41st btw Madison & 5th). This one is sweet & delicious, with the consistency you would expect of a well balanced mochi-doughnut. You'll probably end up leaving with more than one.

Next, we headed to The Donut Pub (14th St & 7th Ave), winner of the best doughnut holes. The site recommended the red velvet cake, which we tried, but I would rather have a Dunkin Donuts munchkin any day.

There are 15 other places on the guide, but by this point, none of us felt like traveling further to sample another sub-par pastry. The verdict: save yourself some time & head straight to Doughnut Plant, which remains, by far, the best doughnuts in NYC.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i heart J.Crew

From the unique color block scheme to the leopard shoes, 
I can't stop looking at this outfit!

I don't know how long J.Crew can maintain its winning streak, but it's pretty amazing how they've seemingly reinvented themselves as a result of Jenna Lyons' leadership.  I've read numerous articles about how she single-handedly "revitalized" the J.Crew brand--her story is so inspiring and she is such an intriguing woman, that you just can't help but love her and want to know more about her.  Season after season, J.Crew literally tells me what I want, what I need, and what I have to have!  Recently, I've been loving their cool, relaxed, work chic vibe.  Every single one of these outfits just has that extra J.Crew pop to it!

{J.Crew pencil skirt in bi-stretch wool}
the super laid back chambray is complimented by the 
girly, edgy, thick heeled platform pumps

{J.Crew schoolboy blazer in navy}
every part of this outfit is so right now
stripes! blazer! bright bold pants! leopard clutch!

sheer shirt + vest = geniusness, don't you think?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Hues

New fall nail lacquers are rolling out and a blue-ish tint trend seems to be at the forefront.  I usually don't stray too far from nude and red/pink tones, but I can feel myself falling for these new shades.  I'm especially loving the dark teal variations of Chanel Blue Revel and Zoya Cynthia.  Will you be rocking blue nails this fall as well?  

{Chanel - Blue Revel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy - Fashionista}

{Deborah Lippmann - I Know What Boys Like}

not quite blue... but similar effect
{Deborah Lippmann - Billionaire}

{Butter London - Bluey - Ulta}

{Zoya - Cynthia}

Friday, August 19, 2011

You and I

The video is pretty crazy, but I cannot get this song out of my head.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The New It Shirt

This is my new favorite shirt. It's super soft & super comfy, with roll-tab 3/4 length sleeves, box pleat front pockets, & a drawstring detail at the back.

Available in Pitch Black, Liquid Grey, & Wild Orchid

I wore it on Tuesday as a tunic over a mini skirt
Rag & Bone Swinton Bandage Miniskirt
Herve Leger
Signature Essentials Bandage Miniskirt
Layers Miniskirt

Just like Ashley Olsen's look (at the Prada NY Epicenter Party)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craft day, anyone?

{Mary-Kate Steinmiller bracelets}

Before decorating these adorable onesies for Shannyn's shower, we didn't think we had it in us to create something remotely cute and wearable, much less, what we have come to agree are the cutest onesies in existence (heck yes, we're proud!).  So I have been wanting to take on another DIY project, to, you know, utilize my amazing creative gift I apparently didn't know I had.  I saw these Mary-Kate Steinmiller bracelets on The Coveteur and absolutely love them, but she makes them herself and are maybe impossible to find.  Then I found some awesome DIY instructional posts on the Honestly...WTF blog that I think are pretty similar to her bracelets that I am dying to try (see photos below)!  Anyone in for a craft day?

{DIY wrap bracelets}

{DIY friendship bracelets}

{DIY rope bracelets}

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almond Latte

Meet my Pixie; this tiny machine has seriously revolutionized my coffee drinking habits.  Only a few months ago I was either brewing regular 'ole coffee out of my Mr.Coffee machine, choking down the nasty office drip or making pit stops at my local Starbucks on the way to work.  I was an avid and loyal Starbucks fan to the point where I was going nearly daily.  But then my boyfriend brought home this little gem.  I had seen capsule-style espresso machines before, but was convinced it was expensive and a hassle to mail-order the capsules.  The Pixie, however, is extremely affordable at $249 for the machine and 55 cents per capsule and lucky-me, my local Bloomingdale's houses one of the few Nespresso Boutiques in the nation.  Now, my favorite barista is... ME!   

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Homestretch

With just 7 weeks left until I'm due, I can't help but start to dream about the food and drink I can start consuming again soon. Just looking at these pictures is torture! I plan to have each and every one of these things as soon as I can after delivery!

Red Wine
DuMOL "Ryan" is one of my favorite Pinot Noirs. Our bottles have been waiting patiently for us in the wine fridge for the past 8 months.


Foie Gras

This variety is from Gilt Taste and I have it on my list of gluttony for after I give birth!

Soft & Imported Cheeses

Again, a Gilt Taste variety pack on my list of gluttony!

Cured Meats
Yes, Gilt Taste again!

Over-easy Eggs...

or anything raw!

Subway Spicy Italian Sandwiches
...or any deli meat sandwich!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Shoe Want List

Being 8 months pregnant has put a huge damper on my shopping addiction and love of dressing up. I have finally reached the point where I can no longer comfortably wear high heels and pretty much just want to sit in my pajamas all day on the couch.

I can't wait to meet my little girl in a few weeks, but I also can't wait to start wearing my normal outfits and shoes again! Here are a few heels on my want list for the fall. Since I wear all my heels to the office and won't be going back to work until December, I'm hoping that I can score these shoes during the holiday or year-end sales!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fighting Eel

This is a brand that every girl needs to know about. Easy-to-wear knit items that can be dressed up or down for every occasion. Solid colored basic shapes that can be worn over & over, & bold colored prints in flattering silhouettes.

I found this dress from Fighting Eel when I was in Kauai & wore it to one of the events on our trip. It's a beautiful blue pineapple print tunic from Hanalei Paddler. It's a good thing my friend & I had the standard "what are you wearing..." conversation earlier that day, because she was planning to wear a similar Fighting Eel maxi dress in the same print! (Below on the left).

Fall 2011 looks from Fighting Eel

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hawaii Weekend Photo Diary

{the house I grew up in}

{Plumeria tree in our backyard}

{pupu's my family brought over for dinner}

{beautiful wedding by the water at Ihilani Resort}

{the gorgeous Bride and Groom}

{must haves for the plane ride home: Royal Mills coffee and mom's spam musubi}
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