Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ciao Macarons!

I've been quite the macaron addict lately, and after reading the multitude of reviews on yelp, I knew I needed to make a trip out to LA to try Bottega Louie.  It was a gloomy day in So. Cali, but this bustling cafe was filled with excited brunch goers enjoying their meal and deciding which delectable pastries to take home with them.  Everything was absolutely delicious... my faves were the margherita pizza (reminiscent of the slices I've tried in NY... it was that good!) and the chocolate-filled earl gray macarons.  If you're in the area, or 40 miles away, be sure to stop by.

{cupcakes topped with tiny macarons}

{macarons in every color & flavor}

{sweet treats}

{sandwiches to-go}

{green tea mojito, caesar salad, portobello fries}

{half clam, half margherita pizza}

 {the loot - two of each!}


  1. Looks like such a colorful and happy place with lots of yummy food to eat! I definitely need to try this place out... might be worth the looooong drive to LA.

    the pizza and portobello fries look DELISH!!! i need to try the fries!

    i looooove the earl grey and chocolate! and the rose! i love them all! thanks for sharing! =)

    I don't understand why macarons aren't more accessible. although i'm predicting there will be tons of macaron shops popping up all over OC in no time! =) i can't wait to add this to my growing list of addictions.

  2. Lovely new blog, ladies! Very nice cookie pictures here :) they add some nice color. I thought you misspelled macaroons, so I had to look up "macaron" - and they look yummier than macaroons (none of that shredded coconut stuff). I wonder if they have any of these up in the Seattle area?

  3. Oh such a cute and cheerful looking place! If only we had places like that here...

    Those cupcakes with the mini macarons are so cute! And those macarons look TDF.

  4. omg mandy i'm dying to try bottega louie!! i've heard amazing things.. but your pictures are GORGEOUS everything looks so delectable!


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