Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salt Water Taffy

Pam has so many wonderful favorite things this season... sweater capes, calypso music, paisley tops, Chinese checkers.

And here are some of mine...

Maxi Skirts
{Wear it like Alexa}

Oversized Sheer Shirts
{Wear it like Ashley}

Deep Shades of Green
{Wear it with Alexander Wang}

Smiling for Spring
{Wear it like Angelina}

30 rock

stardust & sequins

fuji files


  1. i had to google your pam reference... maybe i should start watching 30 rock??

    i love alexa's outfit. a maxi skirt/dress is on my must have list this season.. but i have yet to find one that does not make me look like a dwarf. =/

    oh angelina.. so beautiful.

  2. oh i didn't know who pam was either! haha.

    i love Ashley's look so much...especially her PS1 and clogs.

  3. O M G

    i NEED that jewel tone emerald green vest/coat/furry thingy!!

    i need it!!!!!

  4. sheer shirts! time to go shoppingggg!

    i wish it wasn't so weird for people to wear furry coats in socal. i have not seen one person wearing a furry coat here. ever.

  5. maybe you should. i will probably be doing a lot of 30 rock references on this thing. it's just. that. good.

    you know what, maxis actually make me look tall & skinny. i just wore a maxi skirt to brunch on sunday & everyone asked me if i lost weight.

    what's a PS1.

    you should wear what you want... as long as it's faux!

  6. A PS1 is the bag that Ashley is carrying. It's the bag that Proenza Schouler created as the anti-it bag...but it turned out to be an "it" bag.


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