Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Season

Since I moved to my new neighborhood a few months ago, Saturday morning farmer's market visits have quickly become a weekly ritual.  Being able to choose different flowers that can be enjoyed all week long is a cheap and easy way to warm up and decorate my new home.  This weekend, the local farmer's market was bursting with buckets of the vibrant and gorgeous Ranunculus flower in all different shades.  At $3.50 a bunch, I wish I bought more!

{my DIY centerpiece: 3 stemless wine glasses on a serving platter}

{a bud vase on the window sill brightens up my bathroom}


  1. so gorgeous!fresh flowers really do brighten up a room... $3.50 a bunch is hard to beat!

  2. Pretty flowers! You've inspired me to drag my butt to the farmer's market (it's not very close to our house) and check it out. It should also be noted, you are very good at doing arrangements!

  3. omg holly you really have a knack at flower arrangement!! your bouquets are gorgeous!! i absolutely love your 3 pc. DIY centerpiece :)

  4. Soooo pretty! I love the colors of those flowers!!


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