Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Desert Holiday

{El Paseo Shopping District}

Here are a few photos from a weekend getaway with my parents to Palm Springs last month.  While the boyfriend and I felt like we didn't quite meet the age requirement, this city in the middle of the desert is an oasis that took me far away from everyday life, and it's just an hour away.

{wall of fashion bibles in a quirky bookstore}


{view from the top - Mount San Jacinto State Park}

{Palm Springs Villagefest - every Thursday night}

{Certified Farmer's Market - Palm Springs}

**I would like to say a big thanks to the nice people who run the Certified Farmer's Market for finding and returning the camera I absentmindedly left at this stand while swooning over sweet limes.  Without these kind, honest and genuine people I would not have had these photos to share with you all, Thank You!**


  1. Wow it really does look like a different world out there. That's what I love about California. You can drive a couple of hours in any direction and be at the beach, in the mountains, in the desert, in vineyards, in a forest, or at an amusement park!

    And it's understandable that all the old-folks live out there! nothing really to do but relax and enjoy life and the scenery. =) must be a good way to de-stress. i think i'm overdue for a trip to the desert!

  2. love that wall of fashion bibles!

  3. looks like a nice place for a vacation! Why do you say you don't think you meet the age requirement? Or, am I that old?

  4. What a cool looking place! That aerial tram looks really scary!!

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