Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Observance

I am always excited when Memorial Day weekend finally rolls around not only because the day promises beautiful weather, relaxing by the water and barbeques galore, but also because it happens to be the first paid holiday of the year for my office (whoo-hoo!).  In honor of this national day of memoriam, and a nod to the 'ole red, white and blue, I have put together what I think is the perfect outfit for the upcoming 3-day weekend.  


  1. what a perfect outfit!! love all your choices!

    i hope the weather is nice this weekend, a maxi dress would be great for a memorial day bbq, and a fedora hat would be useful and cute for the (hopefully) sunny weekend! and that juicy couture bracelet is so cute!

  2. adore this outfit!! especially the maxi and the adorable TB sandals!! idk what it is but whenever anything has a gold medalian or some kind of ghw it's like 100 times better!!!

  3. this is a super cute outfit! i'm totally not a hat person, but i think the hat really completes the whole ensemble.


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