Thursday, May 5, 2011

PUBLIC: Free Spirited Fusion

210 Elizabeth Street (& Prince)

{Apricot scones}

{Strawberry swirl muffin w/ preserves}

{Quinoa hashbrowns}

{Coconut pancakes w/ fresh ricotta, mango salad, & ginger-lime syrup}

{Fry-Up: 2 eggs on sourdough toast w/ slow roast tomatoes & buttered mushrooms, added bacon}

{Turkish eggs: two poached eggs on Greek yogurt w/ kirmizi biber butter, added grilled chorizo}

{Bloody Mary}


  1. everything look so delicious! Quinoa hashbrowns sounds really interesting, and that bloody mary look so inviting...

  2. DROOoOoOoOoOL!!!!

    yeah the hashbrowns look YUM!

    how were the poached eggs on Greek yogurt w/ kirmizi biber butter? I love poached eggs, but never tried 'em with greek yogurt! and don't know what kirmizi biber butter is....?

  3. I am obsessed with this place. Definitely a LOVE. The quinoa hashbrowns were probably the least exciting, but they were different. George loved the poached eggs & greek yogurt dish. He doesn't know what kirmizi biber butter is but he said it was really rich.


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