Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work Appropriately

{Ann Taylor silk blouse, Theory skirt, Nine West Pumps, MJ Stam, J.Crew Necklace}

Trying to achieve and maintain a sense of personal style is not an easy thing for me. I'm constantly influenced by the current trends floating around blogs and magazines, I certainly can't resist buying something I don't absolutely love just because it's such a good deal, and there's no doubt that all marketing tactics are aimed at people like me (that Victoria's Secret model looks amazing in that bikini, so obviously, if I have that bikini, I will look amazing, too!).

Having to follow a business casual dress code for work while trying to steer my way around typical professional wear I don't care for (like stiff cotton collared shirts, old-lady pencil skirts, and boring covered-toe low heels), makes maintaining my own personal style that much more difficult.  My ideal office chic outfit is an ensemble of statement pearls, a silk blouse paired with a unique skirt or fitted pants, and simple black platform pumps.


  1. perfect go-to work outfit! i really like that theory skirt... i don't think i've seen you wear it before.

    i unfortunately fall into those pit-traps too... *sigh*

  2. Holly I adore your army green silk blouse such great neutral but so unique and chic nonetheless!

  3. Ps. I despise button down collard shirts!

  4. very chic outfit! i love it! i want to see a modeling pic of that theory there draping in the front?

  5. thanks!

    the reason i bought the skirt was because it looked similar to that alexander wang skirt i saw on Caroline's Mode. It's ruched on the sides and it drapes in the front. I was so excited when I saw it at the Theory outlet in Carlsbad! =)

  6. I like this look!!


  7. Hello Holly!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and being a new follower! I'm so glad I was able to find your blog as well. I absolutely adore it! I'm a new follower as well. <3
    I love the outfit btw!


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