Monday, May 2, 2011

Ultimate Burger

{Ultimate Burger, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii}

Jason and I took a quick day trip to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii to visit friends. We stumbled upon this burger joint in a Kona strip mall which prides itself on using all fresh and locally sourced ingredients. So of course we had to try it, especially since they use fresh Big Island raised beef!

As Jason put it....why don't we have places like this on Oahu?! The burgers were delicious, especially with the fresh bun, and the fries were so addicting and seasoned to perfection!


  1. oh that looks so good. what burger place did you say the reviews compared it to?

  2. YUM! looks deeeelish.

    that bun looks like heaven! crispy grilled fresh deliciousness!

    big island has like the best food ever... esp the local food. hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

  3. Omgosh that looks sooo nommy... I haven't had breakfast yet... Well I guess by now its lunch and your big burger looks SO good to me!

    Ok so totally off topic but yesterday i was at Zara's and I saw a girl with her hair swept up in a pony tail wearing VCA clover studs in turquoise the ones with the tiny diamonds in the center and she was just wearing basic jeans and a black t-shirt but I swear her earrings totally made the outfit she looked so chic just from her earrings I think might have started drooling a little bit hahaha

  4. that's one tasty looking burger! and the fries aren't too shabby either :-)

  5. @holly!!! yes!! i totally agree if it weren't for blogging and gchat i would have never known how similar we were hehehe.

  6. This looks so delicious. Why don't they have these joints in Oahu?!


  7. yummy! i love trying new burger places and those fries look delish as well. xx

  8. *drool* the cheese and sauce melting out of the burger is just... *yummm* we have several burger places here too but they are so expensive! I miss cheap burgers in the States! :P


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