Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspiring Interiors

While I attempt to decorate my own house, why not look to the interior design geniuses of television and movies for guidance?  Some of the photos below are a result of my recent obsession with HGTV, and some of these photos are ones I've kept for literally years as an example of how I imagine my dream home would look like.  These amazingly stylish interiors are inspiring in so many ways, I hope I can take my favorite bits and pieces from each room to create my own dreamy, cozy, beautiful home one day.

{Calm, clean, and sophisticated bedroom}
episode 1 of Candice Tells All

{Oh-Joy! wallpaper, unique frame gallery, and metallic accents}

{modern and down-to-earth brown & blue palette}
Room & Board's Fall 2007 Catalog

{a chic and stylish bright and white open space}
Nate Berkus' sister's studio in Manhattan

{warm lighting, geometric patterns, and a soft muted color scheme
create a cozy, modern home}
Mia's apartment in Cashmere Mafia

{sophisticated classic and modern... and who doesn't love the his & hers closet?!}
Carrie & Big's home in Sex and the City 2


  1. i love everything in marni's studio! and candice olson can do no wrong... every episode of her show is absolutely brilliant!

    carrie&big's closet is seriously the DREAM!


  2. Hi Holly!
    Those are beautiful pictures, love the colors! your house looks just as beautiful! :) You and Joey were always so creative!
    Love, love, LOVE the walk-in closet!

    Great blogs girls!

  3. i want to live in carrie and big's closet!!! it even has big windows.. you never have to leave hahah.

  4. I want all of these rooms!! So chic! xo

  5. i LOVE that bedroom by candice olson!

    carrie's closet is probably bigger than most people's bedrooms! haha. *sigh* a girl can dream.

  6. Hah, now I totally recognize Mia's apartment!

    I like the 2nd image - Joy's home - you'll see why soon!

    I'm going to take some ideas from Nate Berkus. I'm always searching for inspiring ideas for small spaces.

    Check out Remodelista. You'll be addicted.


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