Friday, May 27, 2011

To Keep?

{Coach Shannon Calf Wedges in Espresso - $129.90 on sale}

 The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale started on Wednesday, and like a true shopaholic, I spent my lunch hour picking through the sale racks.  These Coach wedges were super cute, comfy, over 40% off and with limited shopping time, I made a snap decision to take them home with me.  After leaving the store, I started thinking that maybe these sandals don't add much to my shoe collection.  Below are a few pairs I already own that could be worn with the same outfits as my newest addition.  Do you think they fill a void in my closet? Or should they (sadly) be returned to Nordies for someone else to enjoy?


  1. KEEP! i love the color and buckles.

    although they are in the brown/tan color family and you do have a lot of brown/tan sandals, i feel like this shoe has a totally different look than the others.

  2. i say... KEEP!

    this is a tough one because yes, you do have 4 shoes you could definitely wear with the SAME outfits you'd wear the coach shoes with. So they don't necessarily fill a void. HOWEVER... i think if you wore it with an outfit that you'd wear your charles david's or kenneth cole's with, it would make your outfit look a bit more sophisticated and dressed up, don't you think? HOWEVER (again)... this probably means that your other shoes might get less usage thus sort of replacing them, in a way. But, i do think they are sort of like an "upgrade" to your current collection.

    by the way, i have NO SHOES like these! maybe i need at least ONE PAIR since you could potentially have 5!!!! =P

  3. P.S. i like your shoe collection! =)

  4. Definitely keep! they are so cute!

  5. I have to vote to KEEP them. I think they are so cute and unique and yes they're similar and go with a lot of outfits as the others, but these coach shoes are really nice and I love the gold buckle on them.

    Great post!


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