Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almond Latte

Meet my Pixie; this tiny machine has seriously revolutionized my coffee drinking habits.  Only a few months ago I was either brewing regular 'ole coffee out of my Mr.Coffee machine, choking down the nasty office drip or making pit stops at my local Starbucks on the way to work.  I was an avid and loyal Starbucks fan to the point where I was going nearly daily.  But then my boyfriend brought home this little gem.  I had seen capsule-style espresso machines before, but was convinced it was expensive and a hassle to mail-order the capsules.  The Pixie, however, is extremely affordable at $249 for the machine and 55 cents per capsule and lucky-me, my local Bloomingdale's houses one of the few Nespresso Boutiques in the nation.  Now, my favorite barista is... ME!   


  1. Great blog! Like it! :))


  2. love it! i just got starbucks today! heheh.

    i seriously think about getting one of these every once in a while because i know B would love it. he's totally a coffee/espresso drinker, and would love it. it just seems like a big commitment to Nespresso, since you have to buy their coffee for the rest of time. HAHHA. but yours is super cute and not a bad price...

    have you been using almond milk?

  3. oh! i just realized that i didn't mention why this post is titled "almond latte". hahaha.

    yes, i've been using almond milk... and i love it! my fave is almond breeze - unsweetened vanilla.

  4. omg i TOTALLY want one of these well not an espresso.. but a coffee one.. espressos too strong for me haha but i really want the individual coffee thingys too they have the most awesome flavors!!

  5. Wow yum! I always see these at the NYC Bloomingdales and always want to buy one - it sounds amazing


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