Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Craft day, anyone?

{Mary-Kate Steinmiller bracelets}

Before decorating these adorable onesies for Shannyn's shower, we didn't think we had it in us to create something remotely cute and wearable, much less, what we have come to agree are the cutest onesies in existence (heck yes, we're proud!).  So I have been wanting to take on another DIY project, to, you know, utilize my amazing creative gift I apparently didn't know I had.  I saw these Mary-Kate Steinmiller bracelets on The Coveteur and absolutely love them, but she makes them herself and are maybe impossible to find.  Then I found some awesome DIY instructional posts on the Honestly...WTF blog that I think are pretty similar to her bracelets that I am dying to try (see photos below)!  Anyone in for a craft day?

{DIY wrap bracelets}

{DIY friendship bracelets}

{DIY rope bracelets}


  1. so cool!! i love the first ones.. especially the one with the faux yellow diamond and white diamond halo... although maybe i just like it because it looks like a yellow and white diamonds BAHAHAHAHA.

  2. Such a fantastic idea! I love the DIY friendship bracelets with all the bling...yum!

  3. yes craft day! these look fun and relatively easy to make! :)

  4. This is cool... i remeber my DIY bracelet in high school... Love it...

    btw just followed your blog

  5. are these easy to make? they look so fun and cute!!!

  6. i really like those mary-kate steinmiller bracelets!

    boo, is t.lynn going to visit you guys during thanksgiving?!?!?! !!! >(

  7. im obsessed with diy bracelets & bracelets in general. i actually have been making wrap bracelets! to answer your question: no im not from hawaii but i visit oahu every year.. its sort of become the bf and i's spot. xx

  8. It's so funny how old school friendship bracelets from our childhood are STILL really chic and fun - LOVE all the color combos in that photo!


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