Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Bucket List revisited: #7

7. Serious Eats' Doughnut Tour

I wouldn't take the Serious Eats guide to the best doughnuts in NYC, well, seriously.

We began at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, winner of the best custard + jam doughnut. They warned that it was served only on weekends, but it should have specified that it was only on Saturdays. We were there, of course, on a Sunday.

{the doughnut we were meant to try}

Next up was the best mochi doughnut at Koryodang (32nd St btw 5th & Broadway). This doughnut was not good. It's called a Sweet Rice Twist but it tastes like doughy nothingness, with no textural evidence of mochi.

The mochi doughnut that should have been on the list is from Cafe Zaiya (41st btw Madison & 5th). This one is sweet & delicious, with the consistency you would expect of a well balanced mochi-doughnut. You'll probably end up leaving with more than one.

Next, we headed to The Donut Pub (14th St & 7th Ave), winner of the best doughnut holes. The site recommended the red velvet cake, which we tried, but I would rather have a Dunkin Donuts munchkin any day.

There are 15 other places on the guide, but by this point, none of us felt like traveling further to sample another sub-par pastry. The verdict: save yourself some time & head straight to Doughnut Plant, which remains, by far, the best doughnuts in NYC.


  1. aww how sad! even though all these doughnuts were disappointing.. I still totally want one! esp. that red velvet doughnut hole.

  2. oh no!!! i hate when stuff doesn't work out!

    it all looks yummy though!

  3. i still bet i'd like all of these doughnuts. except the mochi doughnut that doesn't have the consistency of mochi, that's a waste. i think i'm a lot less picky about desserts than you are. =P

    omg i want one NOW!


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