Monday, August 15, 2011

The Homestretch

With just 7 weeks left until I'm due, I can't help but start to dream about the food and drink I can start consuming again soon. Just looking at these pictures is torture! I plan to have each and every one of these things as soon as I can after delivery!

Red Wine
DuMOL "Ryan" is one of my favorite Pinot Noirs. Our bottles have been waiting patiently for us in the wine fridge for the past 8 months.


Foie Gras

This variety is from Gilt Taste and I have it on my list of gluttony for after I give birth!

Soft & Imported Cheeses

Again, a Gilt Taste variety pack on my list of gluttony!

Cured Meats
Yes, Gilt Taste again!

Over-easy Eggs...

or anything raw!

Subway Spicy Italian Sandwiches
...or any deli meat sandwich!


  1. 7 weeks will be here in no time! I hope you'll have a quick and painless delivery ;)

  2. it's pretty wrong to be craving pinot noir, foie gras, cured meats and soft cheeses at 7:30am... but i am. good thing i don't have to wait 7 weeks like you do! hehehe.

    can't wait to meet your little one... and i also can't wait to see you and your big belly in a few weeks!

  3. hehhehe this post is funny, love it! i'm hungry now.

    i seriously think about getting those cheese assortments from Gilt all the time... maybe one day i'll actually plan ahead and order one for a party.

    i consume most of these things on a weekly basis! is that bad?? haha...

  4. bahaha this is so cute! that foie gras gilt pack looks CRAZY GOOD!! i want some runny eggs now. hahaha.


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