Thursday, August 4, 2011

Made in Hawaii

I am uninspired.

Ever since my last trip to Hawaii, all I've wanted to do is quit my life & move to Kauai & spend my days chasing fish at Tunnels; searching for honu & Hawaiian monk seals; watching the sunset at Hanalei Bay.

I began looking into some Hawaii companies, searching for a sign that I can continue my career when I make the prospective move home. As I kept clicking, further & further I went into blogs & company websites, discovering new local loves across all forms of art - poetry, photography, & prints.

I am now intensely inspired, but not by the crowded city around me, where I have drawn most of my inspiration from for these past few years. I am invigorated & excited by the young artists of Oahu.

-- Chapter 1: POETRY --

An excerpt from "We Two Now One" by Aaron Kandell
Full poem & other works found on Twin Ink

We Two Now One

We stumble into love, we fail, we fly

Perhaps we were not meant for wings

Still we have made our mecca, one by one

All that we were wearing like tattered thrones

We scatter across the salt sky

Like a thousand sea-stained shells

And the wind growl of the ocean

That whistles through the eaves

Will blow back the curtains in the house that you've built

On the shores of tomorrow

Where barefoot and sand swept

You two will walk, hand in hand

Collecting sunsets

-- Chapter 2: PHOTOGRAPHY --

Fashion photography by Dallas Nagata White

-- Chapter 3: PRINTS --

Everything Is Jake retro prints by Nick Kuchar

Explore Kauai Series

Retro Hawaii Map

Haleiwa Town


  1. love these hawaii artists! hawaii seems like a great place to be an artist, and get inspiration!

  2. these are so beautiful. love it.


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