Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My usual fitness routine is sporadic at best, however, for the past few weeks Holly, Rachel and I have been going to corepower Yoga, 3 times a week.  The classes are heated and intense and while I have not seen any results yet, I certainly feel stronger and more fit.  Of course since I am working out more often, I also need more active gear!  My go-to brand for athletic wear is lululemon; all the items I own, from my most recently purchased Get Fit Tank to my favorite Groove Pant, fit great and feel incredibly smooth and comfortable.  The only downside is that their prices are quite steep, especially for clothing you're going to drench in sweat, so I have been looking for a price-friendly alternative.  While perusing Target, I found these capri pants that have a similar look and feel to my lululemon pants, and so far they are functioning quite well too.  At less than 1/3 the price, they are totally a steal.

I also saw this top in store, but they did not have my size in stock.  The top comes with an inner-bra, which is one of my favorite features of lululemon tops.  I just ordered one online... crossing my fingers it works out well! 


  1. I heard you guys were doing yoga a lot :) These tops look like triathlon tops, too!

  2. great finds! that top totally looks like one of the lululemon tops. have you worn the capris to class yet?

    i went on a full-on lululemon binge a couple of years ago, but i'm still loving every single piece! the groove pants are sooo worth every single penny! =) the quality is just amazing, so if other brands can create pieces just as good then that would be even better! so far though, lululemon has the best lined tops with built-in bras. i want to know how the champion brand tank is and if it's similar!

  3. super cute yoga tops they really do look like lululmon!! i'm impressed they're from target!

  4. Yeah, for Target! Great gear!


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