Tuesday, August 2, 2011


{dress - Max Studio, cardigan - J.Crew, shoes - Target, 
watch&bag - marc by marc jacobs, belt - UO}

My usual work attire consists almost exclusively of black and gray.  Clothing just feels more sophisticated and professional in black and gray, but I have to admit, it's quite drab, especially when it is bright and summery outside.  This all blush-toned outfit is perfect for the season and also seems to have a positive influence on my mood (don't I look happy for a Monday morning?).  On a side note, I'm also carrying my Kate Spade Thermos (Christmas gift from t.lynn, thank you!) which is the absolute best coffee cup.  It keeps my latte steaming hot all morning, the cap serves as a tiny-mug and the confetti polka dots are super cute!


  1. This outfit really says "Happy Monday!" Professional wear does not always have to be in dark shades, I used to think that way too. Living in Chicago where it is cloudy for about 5 months straight gray and black just makes the day more drab so I've resorted to some colour. Your coffee cup adds a fun touch to your outfit :)

  2. so pretty! and D is a pretty good photographer! hehehhee.

    i love all your outfits, they're so cute! and i love that dress! you should seriously do more outfit posts =P. and i think your outfit today is very "professional" looking, especially the colors.

    i also love all your Target shoes! they're all so cute! i need to go there more often.

  3. I'm so glad that I came across your lovely blog. That's so awesome that you ladies collectively share your sartorial adventures here on one blog. Childhood friends are awesome! :) My BFF and I have been friends since we were 6... and we're close as ever.

    And I see that some of you are Hawaii based... woop woop! It's always great to come across local bloggers. ;) I'm you're newest follower, so I'm definitely looking forward to reading and seeing more from you ladies!

    Here'e to a fab week.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. SO CUTE!!! i die mandy you look so pretty! i adore that you're wearing a lace dress as a skirt so chic!

  5. i love the outfit! it's so pretty with the lace dress, nude pumps and the blush cardigan...very feminine.

    i also really like that thermos!!!!


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