Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shige's Saimin Stand

{Saimin, and BBQ burger in the background}

Saimin is arguably my absolute favorite food, ever.  As a child, I loved it so much, I was told I would grow up and turn into a noodle.  Shige's is one of my favorite places to eat it, not only because the noodles are delicious and the dish itself is time-tested, home-made-to-perfection goodness, but the fact that it's located in the tiny town of Wahiawa where so many of my favorite Hawaii memories originate, makes eating here an all-encompassing reminiscent experience.  Not to mention, the entire menu at Shige's is as fantastic as it is simple, and the "large" fruit punch is a quart-sized monstrosity, and probably the first fruit punch I couldn't finish.

{awesome looking menu, awesome looking prices!}

{Loco Moco}

{Shige's Saimin Stand, Wahiawa, Hawaii}


  1. hehehe grow up into a noodle! i must go there.
    yuM YuM.

  2. oh lord that loco moco looks SOOOO good.. i always crave loco moco but whenever i try to get it at L&L on the mainland it tastes SO gross!!

  3. I've never had any of these dishes but they certainly look delicious!

  4. Wow. I lived in wahiawa for 20+ years and never ate there. Lol.

    Maybe I should try it.



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