Wednesday, August 31, 2011

how Sweet it is

{strawberry mango basil salsa & homemade tortilla chips}

I just recently discovered this awesome food blog called How Sweet It Is. The blogger behind it is hilarious and up-beat, the food photos are vibrant and incredibly well-styled (I'm constantly drooling at my computer screen), and her recipes are creative in the best ways ever-- she basically just takes all the yummiest ingredients you could ever think of and makes them into recipes you seriously wish you had thought of yourself!  It's as if she knows what all of my favorite foods are, and then takes those foods and combines them into super simple recipes.  S'mores + browniesBuffalo chicken + nachosCake batter + pancakesOreos + chocolate + peanut butter.  Bacon + chocolate + peanut butter.  I'm telling you she's a genius!

So far I've tried a few recipes and have loved them all: buffalo chicken pasta, enchilada lasagna, grilled breakfast pizza (this one was AMAAAAZING! and how much more simple can it get?!) and strawberry mango basil salsa (best salsa I ever made).  But I'm dying to try the creamy caprese pasta and s'mores pie.  You must check out her blog!


  1. mmm looks delish! you made homemade tortilla chips? did you bake them? recipe!

  2. wow that looks so good! And yeah, where's the recipe for the home made tortilla chips?!

  3. no recipe, just cut and fry store bought corn tortillas! i guess it's not really THAT homemade... hahahha. but at least you can use your own oil.

  4. love how sweet it is too :)!!! the blog always makes me salivate haha

  5. That looks so delicious...I am definitely going to have to check it out as I love all types of salsa! And oreos, choc, and PB sounds heavenly...

  6. yum! that salsa looks sooo refreshing!

    i love howsweeteats too! thanks for introducing it to me...or no thanks since all i make are her delicious fatty deserts? hah.


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