Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bloomie's Booty

{J.Crew cardi/tank, AG Jeans, MMK Shoes, Rebecca Minkoff Darling, Ray-Bans}

So glad the Bloomingdales F&F sale is over!  If it lasted any longer I may have shopped myself into oblivion.  I wouldn't necessarily consider this outfit post-worthy, but I just have to share my Bloomingdales F&F impulse purchases: my new Wayfarer cat-eye Ray-Bans and AG jeans (these jeans seriously feel like leggings)!  Mandy and Shannyn already went through this already so I can, too-- I get to justify every indulgent purchase with the fact that this is my birthday month!  Thank the shopaholic lords for shopping excuses and justifications involving birthdays, bad days, PMS days, break-ups, raises, and tax refunds.  


  1. oooh those jeans really do look comfy. did you get them in super black? i was hunting for a pair like that all winter, but didn't find one that fit me perfectly.. i didn't try AG though!

    i'm so happy you bought the ray-bans, they're so~ cute!

    happy birthday month!

  2. YAY! i was so looking forward to your OOTD post :) omg so lucky i was just thinking about those sunglasses all day when you told me you got them.. they are SO bleepin' cute on you! umm seriously HEART your shoes!!!!

    you forgot any days between monday through sunday and just because i'm special days HAHAHA.

    happy birthday month chica!!

  3. ahahah i just read your comment holly.. sorry sorry sorry!! i fudge'ed up.. i thought i was doing it today.. tomorrow i promise!! it's uploaded already!!!

  4. ohh those black skinnies look fantastic on you! and those ray bans are super cute too!


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