Friday, April 8, 2011

What's In Her Bag

{What I'm carrying today: my Rebecca Minkoff Darling}

So I guess I'm like the bag lady that carries everything but the stuff I really need. I'm constantly asking people if they have tissue (or using Starbucks napkins as kleenex--they're readily available considering the frequency of my Starbucks visits) and I'm always borrowing Mandy's hand lotion and/or pain killers. I do, however, carry cough drops with me and eat them like candy (they are conveniently dual-purpose)! I also end up holding B's wallet and phone for him whenever we go anywhere together. And yes, I'm that girl who loves to take photos of mediocre food and capture my daily amusements (life is worth documenting!), which is why I always carry my camera. And I think it goes without saying that poopie bags are a must, since we pretty much bring Poki everywhere we go.

{Marc Jacobs wallet/clutch, Blackberry, makeup pouch, Ray-Bans, Panasonic Lumix, keys, poopie bags, B's LV Taiga Leather card holder and Blackberry}

{In my makeup pouch: fresh Sugar lip treatment spf 15, Chanel Levres Scintillantes lip gloss in Giggle, bobby pins, rubber band, cough drops}


  1. Hollly I heart your bag! It's so cute! I eat cough drops like candy too hahah I love that your hello kitty key topper is a kimono that's so cute!

  2. oh yeah, you really don't carry much in your bag! not even hand sanitizer! interesting...i never knew what you carried in your bag!

  3. yes, how do you not carry hand sanitizer and kleenex?! good thing i do... and good for me that you carry cough drops :)

  4. hahaha. "average asian girls... smiling & sitting in front of a plate of average looking food."

  5. I love seeing what other girls are carrying in their handbags.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.

  6. I love seeing these posts! Most girls carry the same things, but I enjoy it nonetheless :P


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