Monday, April 18, 2011

The Look For Less: Spring Sandals

Quite a few years ago, the Style Network had a t.v. show called "The Look For Less" hosted by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. It has since gone off the air, but I loved that show a lot and I think it taught me a lot about recreating runway looks with normal priced items.

I've been in the market for a mid-heel sandal that will take me through spring and summer. Here are two options, one by Nine West and the other by Pierre Hardy. Despite the huge difference in their prices, they both achieve the same overall asthetic.


  1. Those are super cute! And *gasp* I think I actually prefer the Nine West version.

  2. i love seeing people create looks for less! a lot of times i do like the more expensive items, but many times the price difference doesn't really justify, as in this case! although it does seem that the Pierre Hardy has a narrower/higher ankle strap. but i love the color of the nine west! in this case, the steal is way more worth it!

    i was reading this other blog called Extra Petite, and she has a video comparing Ann Taylor perfect pump to the CL Simple 100's. The resemblance is pretty crazy, and it makes sense to pay 1/8th of the price for the Ann Taylor's especially for every day work pumps. The CL's have the sexier/sophisticated appeal with the higher arch and red sole, but the ann taylor's look pretty good next to them. plus they also have a hidden platform version on the website that i think is even nicer.

    here's the post on the comparison:

    perfect platform pump:

  3. Wow they are so similar and I think I prefer the nine west version too!

  4. i prefer the nine west version too! i think it's the metallic and the coloring of the nine west that really draws me in.


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