Wednesday, April 20, 2011


1. Framed photos of me, boyfriend, & our pup
2. Fun but functional decor like my new crane coin bank from West Elm 
3. Classic linen upholstered headboard (that just arrived this week!)
4. Weekly farmer's market bunches

After years of renting and waiting to have a home of my own to decorate, I'm so excited to finally be taking on the task of furnishing our new home! I'm beginning to learn that with the endless options for home furniture and decor, it is impossible to choose just one cocktail table, or just one floor lamp for our living room. I want pieces that I love now and will love years from now, but knowing which pieces will stand the test of time (and test of my ever-changing taste) is such a challenge. These photos are a few simple things I'm certain will continue to add warmth, style, and character to our home for years to come.


  1. oh that little crane coin bank is so cute! i love that it is a functional item, not just some random decorative piece.

    yay the nail heads are in! now your headboard looks complete.

    those gerber daisies are so pretty.

  2. Cuttttteeeee super heart this post holly!

    Yahhhhhh your new bed post is so pretty!

    Ehhehehe cute family pic :)

  3. Cool pics. I really like that bed frame and the flowers are pretty.

    Oh yea, I actually don't know Shannyn. I moved to SF right after college and Lisa was my roomie here in SF for a couple years. That's how I know her :)

    Glad we're all blogger buddies now. hehe


  4. oh your crane coin bank is really cute! i like it a lot!

    the headboard looks great, too!

    very pretty flowers. our open market used to have a vendor that carried bunches of tea roses in a variety of colors. i bought them all the time. then one day, they stopped selling them and when i asked them why, they said they weren't popular and they cut down all their tea-rose bushes! omg i was so sad.


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