Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Closet Newcomers

Recent purchases...

2.  Aqua Chain/Flower necklace - $28 (original price $78)
3.   Trouve Alliance bootie - $60 (original price $120)
4.  American Apparal Nail Lacquer - Office, Mannequin, Rouge - $15 for 3
5.  Living Doll sheer floral blouse - $38
6.  H&M double pocket blouse - $40 


  1. I swear you always find the best deals, mandy! awesome that you can make a whole outfit with what you bought! the H&M double pocket blouse looks really cute, and so does the floral sheer one. i've never heard of Living Doll before, where'd you get it?

    i love the leather mini and booties!!!

  2. the living doll is from nordstrom-bp. i actually saw this top on a girl at starbucks, (she was wearing it with a dress, skinny belt and patent blush pumps) and she looked so cute! i was so excited when i found it at nordies!

  3. EEEEK! mandy that zara leather mini is HOT!! we need a OOTD from you wearing that sexy little number!

  4. ohh i love your finds...especially the h&m top! its cool that they all coincidentally "go together" too.

    i'm so inspired to go shopping right now!

  5. That leather skirt is hot hot hot! This is the second thing from Zara that I've seen recently in a blog that I've wanted. Unfortunately no Zara in Seattle. SOB!

  6. Yeah, I'm in need of a visit to Zara, i've been seeing TONS of awesome stuff on blogs! darn blogs...


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