Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Almost Summer

{Forever 21 maxi dress & turquoise necklace}

I've been looking for nice plain maxi dresses that aren't too floral or too long. I find that the majority of maxi dresses are much, much too long, even for me at 5'6"! I was completely shocked when I went to Forever21 and found this maxi dress that is easy to wear (not strapless) and not too long or floral. Also, the quality of the fabric is heavy and wears nicely. So at just $13 each, I couldn't resist buying (in photo), dark blue and a blue/black striped version. I plan to wear these a lot this summer with flat sandals and then into fall with blazers and ballet flats.

{3.1 Philip Lim bag; Ann Taylor sandals}


  1. Omgosh Shan super heart your outfit! I'm gonna have to look for these i can't believe you scored these for $13 bucks thats amazing!

    Loooooove you turquoise bead sandals!

  2. okay.. i must go to f21 asap! i've been looking for a simple tank maxi... and yes, why are all maxis soo~ long! of course, at 5'2" im not surprised that they are long for me... but the extra length seems excessive.

    oh your yellow bag! i forgot you had that... its so cute and such a perfect pop of color.

  3. HI SHANNYN! hehehhehe. oooh cute dress and looks suuuper comfy! and great deal!

    i love your philip lim bag, too!

    i'm always so jealous of your outfit pics bc it reminds me that it's probably like 76 degrees and humid and wonderful where you are! =(

  4. Ooh, this dress looks great on you. I just bought a similar black one and I know what you mean about being too long. I'm 5'6 too and they are usually either too long or too short. This one fits you perfectly and I love your bright bag with it.


  5. i love maxi dresses like this. Lucky you as I'm never able to find maxi dresses to fit my 5'2" shortyness so I always have to hem my maxi dresses. You look great and love the pops of color.

  6. thanks everyone!

    it was 85degrees out when i was taking in the picture...i was baking in that long black dress!


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