Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The concept of a waffle sandwich was so intriguing that even this super long line could not keep me from trying Bruxie.  The line moved pretty slowly, but the chef/owner and workers walked the line answering questions and handing out menus for everyone to look over while they waited.  Their menu features several staple savory and sweet options as well as daily specials.  My bf and I tried a little bit of everything and the overall favorite was the fried chicken and waffle sandwich, which was surprisingly not overly heavy or oily.  You know a place is popular and trendy when you see a film crew interviewing customers and filming an episode for their show.  It's too bad I didn't catch the name of the show, I'm sure I could be seen in the background, stuffing my face.  Next visit, I want to try the prosciutto & gruyere and lemon cream & berries waffles... Mmm.   

 {seasonal shake - fresh California strawberry & old fashioned 'pure cane sugar' cream soda}

{buttermilk fried chicken & waffle with waffle fries}

{smoked salmon & dill cream cheese}

 {film crew}


  1. I NEEEEEED to go here. i LOVE chicken and waffles, and waffles in general. the salmon looks really good though too! and so cute they have waffle fries with waffles. =P

    bummer, it would be cool to know who the film crew was working for...

  2. oh that looks SO good! maybe i'll put it on my list of go-to restaurants when i come visit!

  3. i usually hate standing in line for food (when i want to eat, i want to EAT), but the food looks good!

  4. Omg that looks so delicious! I can't believe that stuff fried chicken inside of waffles. Yummmmmmmmm hahah I so want to try that!

  5. My sister loves Chicken and waffles but I've never tried them, I think I'll have to. :) Great post and that strawberry shake looks so good. I really like your blog.
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  6. i just had lunch, but i'm still drooling over these delicious treats :-) waffle sandwiches sound like a dream come true!


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