Friday, April 15, 2011

What's In Her Bag

What's in the Rebecca Minkoff?
{Rebecca Minkoff Black Leather Everyday Satchel}

Everything is separated into LeSportsac pouches
{Large 2-zip Pouch for electronics - iPod, camera, chargers for each}
{Medium 2-zip Pouch for hygiene products - tissue, band aids, hand wipes}
{Square Pouch for cosmetic items - mirror, lipgloss, chapstick, tide pen}

Leather card holder for wallet overflow
{MCM First Lady Card Wallet - the one I want, definitely not the one I have!}

{& a hotel room ballpoint pen}

Fold-Up Reusable Nylon Grocery Bag

apartment therapy


  1. you carry around your chargers? hahaha. i like your bag.. what a chic baby bag.

  2. turns out i didn't get the baby bag. bloomingdale's had it labeled as the baby bag but what i received was a different bag (the everyday satchel). works out. i like it better.

  3. it's funny you still carry around a notebook!

    and how eco-friendly of you to carry around those reusable nylon bags...i keep mine in the car but always forget to bring them into the store with me.

  4. i always need my charger with me b/c my work days can get long & i've had things run out on me before!

  5. Hi Mandy! I wasn't quite sure where to respond to you haha so I figured I'd just respond here.

    To be honest I think miumiu's and prada's are essentially the same shoes.. There's a lot of overlap between their shoe designs. I don't have a lot of experience with miumiu as I don't own any of their shoes but from trying them on in the store they seem to be equally comfortable. Quite honestly prada's are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned a bazillion times more comfortable than any of my louboutins. If im not mistaken Tiffany from I am style-ish blog just purchased the miu miu version of my prada's I can ask her when I see her tomorrow how she likes them and how comfortable they are.

    This is awful but I just fell in love with the pradas because I was in love with the little gold plate on the bottom. Ahhahahah if the little gold emblem on the bottom is not a biggie for you I would probably just get the miu miu's because I think it'll save you like $200 bucks!

  6. oooh! Adore the card wallet! I haven't seen that before. adding to my wishlist...


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