Monday, April 11, 2011

Snail Mail

The other day I checked the mail and hidden in a pile of catalogs, junk mail, and bills was something that made my heart skip a beat...a Chanel mailer! I get quite excited when I see Chanel mailers, the Neimans Book, and my subscriptions to Vogue, InStyle, Bon Appetit, and Food Network magazine. I'm probably one of the rare few that actually get excited checking snail mail!

Chanel was quite creative this time around, packaging their mailer as individual cards inside of a cute purse-like pouch.

This mailer featured the Mademoiselle line ad campaign, for which Blake Lively is the ambassador/muse. While I like Blake Lively in Gossip Girl, I don't think she accurately represents the brand's image. But, I guess it doesn't really bother me since I think this particular bag looks like it would be worn by a 16 year old teenager and purchased from a secret back room on Canal Street.

Clever marketing idea? Have Chanel customers send their friends post cards of the ad campaign! thank you.
In all, this Chanel mailer was quite a dissapointment.


  1. cool, i'd be excited to receive chanel mail =)

    i agree, i don't absolutely love blake lively as the face of Mademoiselle. although, i think it's because i hate serena van der woodsen on gossip girl. hahahha. she does seem really young, maybe that's it? but what do i know, i'm not Chanel expert! i do like keira knightly as the face of coco mademoiselle though.

  2. OMG i get SO excited whenever i get chanel/neiman mailers or invitations to their parties.. but i agree with you i don't get why karl made her the new face.. i mean i get that she's all tall and willow-y but.. i don't think her face is all that.. although they did make her look better then usual in this campaign.. it doesn't really matter tho.. uncle karl has a new muse every 30 seconds.. someone will be coming along to replace her shortly.

  3. i love getting catalogs, magazines, packages in the mail too :).

    i agree about blake lively... she seems too, uhmmm... trendy? i dunno. and i also don't love that bag.


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