Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Showering Shannyn

We jumped at the opportunity to shower our dear friend Shannyn with an indulgent day of gifts (for her and baby girl), food, desserts, and onesie decorating when she came to visit last month. We were all so excited to see her cute little baby bump and gush about how amazing she looks despite how very pregnant she is (and how when we all get pregnant we'll be unrecognizably chubby with swollen feet and outrageous appetites). It's so amazing to think that in just a few months we'll have a cute little baby girl in our (yes, our) lives to spoil rotten with gifts, attention, and affection!


  1. yay baby bump!! :D i'm so glad we were able to have a little shower for you and your little one while you were here visiting.

    onesie decorating was really fun too!

    now i'm craving sprinkles and macarons. mmm.

  2. aww thank you guys again for the thoughtful shower! i had so much fun decorating onesies...i can't wait until we get to do it again for one of you! haha. =p

    i'm so glad we got to get together and see each other too!

    i <3 those itty bitty stewart weitzman shoes!

  3. What a sweet shower! Gorgeous treats and the mommy to be is so pretty :)

  4. i'm so behind on your blog you guys!! i had SOOOO MUCH fun holly and mandy!! and i totally wish i lived in the OC so we could hang out like that all the time.. omg speaking of blogging stories.. the very next day after i saw you girls i got this creepy email from some dude who said "i love your long ebonny hair" UHHH WTFFFFFF i mean seriously if you're going to send me a stalkerish love note shouldn't you atleast spell ebony correctly?!?! HAHAHAHA

    anyways back to the point this shower is BOMB~! you girls are so chic.. it's like ina garden meets.. olivia palmermo hamptons chic! LOVE! shan you look so gorgeous hon!

    ps. hol you're funny. i'm going to show lucas what you said hahaha.

    ps. mandy. HELLO WOMAN i wore them when i saw you guys!! you've already seen my major vegas reveals. in person tehehehe.


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