Friday, September 30, 2011

ABC's Happy Endings

{ ABC's Happy Endings, WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c}

I'm so excited that one of my new favorite shows, Happy Endings got picked up for another season. I want to promote this show to as many people as I can because I love it and would be sad if it got canceled. Think "Friends"-ish but a little more weird and random, and less politically correct. To me, the dialogue is similar to Cougar Town and Scrubs, with quick witty jokes every 20 seconds, keeping me constantly entertained. The editing perfectly accentuates the comedic timing, and the actors in the show are all great by themselves and it's really difficult to choose a favorite. The writers are clever and creative, even though it's basically the same premise as Friends, keeping every episode pretty fresh.

One of my favorite scenes is the one embedded above. Penny (the goofy, crazy, "Phoebe"-esque character) is forever single, and just met a guy she's interested in, but he's a "hipster" so Max is teaching her how to fit in with his friends.

I don't know if anyone else will find this funny, but I couldn't stop laughing at this clip (if you watch the whole episode it's funnier, but this still cracks me up):

I also love Jane, who plays the anal, obsessive, control freak, "Monica" character, but better. I couldn't find any of my favorite scenes of her online but here's one:

I also found some reviews of the show from LA Times, NY Magazine, and this other website if you're interested in reading more about the show.


  1. haha "black han solo" -- i never heard of this show. personally, i love modern family :)

  2. Omggggg I freakin love this show too!! I'm totally obsessed with penny and Jane too!! I just love the whole cast did u watch that one episode where that guy that asked out Elisha cuthbert was living above in the ceiling?? Omg I died hahaha

    Heart that we have the same bcbg dress great minds think alike :)


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