Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Petite Sizing

{Ann Taylor - Overlapping Placket Long Sleeve Blouse}

At 5'-2" tall, I definitely consider myself "petite."  Ironically though, I only own a handful of petite-sized garments.  I attribute this mainly to the fact that most retailers/brands do not carry petite selections; and I also find that when I do come across a petite item, the proportions are short and wide, and overall ill-fitting.  Ann Taylor, however, is known to be petite-friendly and almost all their styles are available in petite, especially online.  So during their recent 40% off everything sale, while putting this blouse into my shopping cart, I found myself not knowing what size I should buy.  Since this blouse is an online exclusive, and I could not try it on in-store, I did the only logical thing, I ordered four of them!

{top to bottom - 0P, 2P, 0, 2}

As it turns out, Ann Taylor petite sizing is quite petite!  The 2 Petite is about half a size smaller (all over) than the 0 Regular.  This is how they fit:

0P - Shoulders too narrow, sleeves a little short, length too short to tuck in.
2P - Shoulders slightly too narrow, sleeves fit perfectly, length too short to tuck in.
0 - Shoulders fit, sleeves a little long, length perfect to tuck in.
2 - A little big all over.

I kept the 0 Regular, and returned the rest.  Another puzzling petite "miss" for me.  Does anyone else find that petite-sizing is too short?


  1. I'm the same! Petite sizing is always too short for me in tops and pants. I rarely buy petite and more often buy regular sizing and then alter it to how I like it! Cute top, I love the color.

  2. i find it disturbing how random the sizing seems to be. the 2P isn't supposed to be smaller than the 0 right?!

    i think petite sizing is weird, too, no one wants a short, wide shirt! i've ALWAYS thought that petite sizes were just shorter versions of the regular sizes, which i hated. Even though Ann Taylor's petite sizing is also too short, i guess it's good that the petite sizes are also smaller overall... i guess it makes more sense.

    however, i must admit that petite sizing works well for me with pants, as my legs are proportionally shorter. so sometimes i think maybe i just don't like the petite tops because my torso is actually not "petite"? or because maybe i actually like wearing my tops longer than most people do just because i've been wearing tops that were "too long" all my life (as there is no difference in lengths for kids clothes)? who knows! either way, it sucks that we often have to go back and forth between petite and non-petite... it's already hard as it is to know what size to get with all the vanity sizing going on.


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