Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Secrets From a Stylist

It's quite ironic how much I like Emily and her show Secrets From a Stylist, but I'm in awe of every episode, and look forward a new episode every week!  Emily is a prop stylist and styles all her rooms using tons of decorative objects, and I actually really dislike objects in rooms that have no purpose (random animal sculptures, art that has no meaning, antique masks, or any masks for that matter, random objects that are only meant to be looked at, etc.).  But lately I've been feeling like I need more "stuff" in my house so that my rooms look more "complete."  I'm still going to try to stick to my personal rule of "not using things that have no purpose," but I definitely want to put more effort into finding those finishing touches to add more character to each room.

One of the things Emily uses a lot of are tall branch-type floral/plant arrangements.  According to my rule, plants of any kind as decor are OK, and I'm loving the effect of these arrangements in every room.

I'm also pro-vases-as-decor, because vases can in turn be used to hold floral arrangements.  But there can't be a ridiculous amount of vases in my home, because that's just ridiculous.  This is an example of just a few too many vases, dishes, and one bird sculpture gone crazy, but I still can't stop looking at it.

Emily styles her rooms using tons of books.  Books are decorative and useful, too!

I love her frame walls-- this has been on my to-do list, but finding the right photos and art is proving to be a challenging and time consuming task!

I love how she incorporates so many antique furniture pieces into her rooms.  I'm still hesitant about this (considering the dirtiness and ugliness of most "old" things), but I'm hopeful that I'll find at least a few antique pieces for my home one day.  I just love the idea of having a one-of-a-kind room.

I'm already looking forward to more Secrets in the next episode!

all photos via Emily Henderson's blog

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  1. i really enjoy secrets from a stylist too! but i agree.. she uses wayy too many random props!

    i like the new format of the show too... i thought decorating the room twice was kinda a waste. haha.


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