Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soto's Sushi Bar

357 6th Ave (& Washington Pl)
West Village

For the boyfriend's birthday, I took him to dinner at Soto. While this is already my favorite Japanese restaurant (but not necessarily my favorite sushi restaurant... that would be Sasabune), I had not ordered exclusively from their sushi selection before. I planned to order omakase style (chef's choice), but they only accommodate for 3 restrictions, so I did not qualify & had to order off the menu. It is not the service or the carefully calculated pairing of dishes that you receive at Sasabune, but the meal was delicious nonetheless & the sake was excellent.

Junmai Daiginjyo - Ugo no Tsuki (Moon After the Rain)

Citrus Scottish Salmon

From the top left, clockwise: Madai Yakishimo (seared sea bream), Sake Yakishimo (seared scottish salmon), Kampachi (amberjack), Sake (scottish salmon)

From the top left, clockwise: Kampachi (amberjack), Yari Ika (long fin squid), Shima Aji (stripe jack fish), Sake (scottish salmon)

Zuke (soy marinated big eye tuna), Maguro (big eye tuna), Cyutoro (mid-fatty big eye tuna)

From the top, clockwise: Isaki (grunt), Hirame (fluke), Mirugai (giant clam), Hotate (sea scallop)

Cyutoro (mid-fatty big eye tuna), Madai Yakishimo (seared sea bream)

Unagi (fresh water eel), Uni (sea urchin)

Tar Tare Tuna Roll (spicy tuna w/ asian pear, cucumber, avacado, sesame, pine nuts, scallion wrapped in white kelp)


  1. oh yummm... majorly craving sushi now.

  2. omigosh everything looks so gooood! and it looks like they use sauces on their sushi, too, which i love because i am not keen at all on fish types and quality. i just like it when it melts in my mouth!

    this totally looks like sushi that i'd eat, lots of tuna and salmon, and a yummy roll... sounds yum! the Isaki, Hirame, and Mirugai look YUM!

  3. wow, everything looks sooooo yummy. i'm jealous.


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