Friday, September 16, 2011

Missoni for Target

this is just stupid...

That being said... I was particularly excited about the monstrous Missoni for Target collection and extremely disappointed that their website crashed and was down pretty much all Monday.  At some point during the day, I gave up any hope of purchasing any of the items I had my eye on:

However, when I got home Monday night, I checked one more time and it was surprisingly up and running.  At this point, all my favorites were long gone, but a few items were still available.  Since shipping was free, I caved into the hype and ordered a few things, mostly out of curiosity.  Has anyone seen these pieces in real-life?  How is the quality?

{and this sweater tunic for baby grace!}

I've heard rumors that Target stores will be restocking items until October 22nd... hopefully I'll get lucky and find one of those silk scarves or vases!


  1. people ruin things, i swear. i can't believe so many people bought the stuff just to sell it and make money. it's so sad.

    i, like most people, totally bought into the hype and wanted to see what they were selling and if there was anything i liked... even though i have NOT BOUGHT OR EVEN CAME CLOSE TO BUYING ONE PIECE OF MISSONI ANYTHING, EVER. hahha... oh well, whatever makes us happy, right? i do like the missoni scarves though! and i'm STILL thinking about the aqua pouf. if i see it in target by chance one day i might cave and buy it. talk about a conversation piece, right? hahah...

  2. oh and i forgot to mention, i love the cute little sweater tunic you got for Grace! it's adorable! the blouse is questionable, but honestly i think it could work out to be a really unique piece in your wardrobe if you "style" it right. i definitely like the idea of having a closet full of really unique and interesting pieces that make them really last forever, you know (i mean, you'll probably NEVER get the chance to buy a missoni for target blouse again... EVER!)? however, at my budget i'm really just looking for "pretty" stuff that i think i can get away with wearing way too often. hahhaha.

    the maxi definitely has potential.

  3. hahaha it's quite likely that i'll return it all once i receive it in the mail. i just HAD to see what some of this stuff looked like in person after reading article after article about the massive collection.

    yah i really can't see myself wearing that blouse, since i rarely wear prints or bold colors... but who knows? free shipping and easy returns makes it easy to order it just to "see" it.

    you could totally do the same thing with the pouf!

  4. I know I already told you this on bbm but I am going to repeat that I think the blouse is hideous. I am trying to imagine anything I'd want in a print like that & all I can think of is a coffee mug.


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