Tuesday, September 6, 2011


{Bouchon Bakery - Beverly Hills}

I have been obsessed with Bouchon macarons and chocolate bouchon brownies ever since I first tried them at their Napa Valley location a couple years ago.  So, I was super excited when I heard they were finally opening a bakery at the Beverly Hills Bouchon Bistro location. In Hawaii, we bring "omiyage" (gift/souvenir) to family and friends when visiting or returning home from a trip.  Since I was flying out of LAX and sort of in the area, I just had to stop by Bouchon Bakery to pick up omiyage and of course, extra macarons for the plane!

{caramel macaron}


  1. I love macarons, I try different ones everywhere I go!
    They make a lovely omiyage, good choice!

  2. bring some omiyage for meeeee! hahhahhaa...

    i hope you had fun in hawaii!!! did you buy all bouchons and macarons or other stuff too? what else is good?


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