Wednesday, June 22, 2011

13 going on 30

{Aqua Girls' Leopard Tank Top, $44 vs. Women's sleeveless Pico Trim Tank, $68}

I know this probably paints a pretty ugly picture for you all, but I find myself facing the issue that my body is not much different from a 13 year old's.  Besides shopping in the "push-up" section of Victoria's Secret, and the few affordable retailers without vanity sizing (namely famous-for-petites Ann Taylor), good quality, flattering fashion is not nearly as accessible as if I were just a few inches taller, and curvier in all the obvious places.

I have recently discovered the world of petite bloggers, and I find it so interesting and comforting to read about others out there also struggling in a world where even the smallest possible size at a store is still too big.  And at 5'3" (weight not important), I'm really not very small by Asian standards, so I seriously don't know how teeny tiny people like t.lynn find anything that fits!  One of my favorite petite bloggers is Extra Petite, because she posts petite finds (as well as just plain good deals), and tips on how to alter clothes or accessories to fit well.

I've also discovered that with the exception of the addition of spaghetti straps, maybe a slightly higher neckline, and of course a smaller bust area (which actually works in my favor), it's possible to find some of the exact same styles in both women's and girl's sizes!  Although the styles may be a bit more conservative, the fact that it could potentially fit better, really can make it work better overall in the end (and at a decently lower price point).  And if you choose the right pieces, honestly, no one will ever know!

{Aqua Girls' Diamond Print Tube Dress, $68 vs. Women's Tube Dress, $78}

{Ella Moss Girls' Printed Jersey Tunic, $59 vs. Women's Jersey Feather Tank, $72}


  1. i used to look at girls-size clothing... but eventually learned to stop bc the clothes just didn't fit right (esp pants). but these styles could totally work in a girls version, and maybe even better bc those aqua tanks are reallyy low cut (and aqua is def. one of those brands that believes in vanity sizing). i'm totally gonna look for that leopard print tank in the girls section...

  2. how awesome! you can get a piece of clothing that is better fit (no tailoring!) and cheaper! what a great deal!

    i have noticed that children's shoes run big. when i was looking at baby clothes in gap kids, i could fit some of their largest sized girls jelly sandals. i was shocked because my feet are not tiny!

  3. OHHHHH!! that aqua girl leopard tank is SO CUTE!!!!

    we actually are stopping in LA for a bit tho.. but not for very long just a day.. i'm planning on going to 85 degrees did you guys want to do a quickie meet up? i would love to meet up with you and mandy seeing as how i haven't seen you guys in YEARS!!

  4. LOVE the leopard tank! The fabric and style looks wonderful :)


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