Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chanel - Maiden Voyage

 {Chanel - Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap with Gold Hardware}

As you all know, Chanel had yet another price increase on June 1st.  I had been lusting after the  Jumbo Classic Flap for years and after hearing about the latest price increase, I thought it was time to make one mine.  But after several SAs at different Chanel boutiques informed me that this particular bag was sold out and had very long waiting lists, I disappointingly gave up my search (at least pre-price increase).  As fate would have it though, on Memorial day (May 30th) I strolled into the Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique just to see what they had in stock.  The SA must have overheard me chatting with my boyfriend about the Jumbo as she interjected and asked "are you serious about buying one?"  "Uhm, YES!"  She explained that she had one in the back that would be available the next day (May 31st) after she made a formal return from a customer who had ordered it.  I was able to see and hold my Chanel that day but would need to come back the next day to make her officially mine.  Let me tell you, that was a nerve-wracking 24 hours worrying something would go amiss, but here she is on her maiden voyage!

{Equipment silk shirt, Gap jeans, Charles David peep-toes, Rayban signets, F21 necklace, Nixon watch, Chanel flap}


  1. yay!!! omgosh we're chanel twinsies!!! congrats mandy she is absolutely stunning on you :)

    you've been warned.. chanel is a very very dangerous addiction.. i started off by saying that a blk caviar jumbo w/ ghw was all i needed to be happy. heh....

  2. YAYYYYYY!!!! DOUBLE YAYYY!!!! it's so beautiful!!! and i guess you are, too. HAHAHA jk. i like your outfit, it's very chic, and the chanel TOTALLY completes it! =) and i really like the outfit pic, too! props to the photographer! =P

    I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE A CHANEL NOW! this is so exciting! i wanna join the club toooooo! hehhehe.

    i wonder what the threshold is for people getting their second Chanel vs. people getting their first Chanel. Like, i wonder if you'd get your second before i get my first. cause, you know, you already broke the seal!!!! muahahhhhaha. and I mean, Shan already has a bunch!

  3. oh yeah and not to mention Lisa over there with her Chanel store as a closet!!!!!

  4. yay twinsies! yes i love it and yes i'm already kinda thinking about another purchase... aghh! wallet? m/l? reissue? vintage?

    it's technically my second... i still have my cambon tote, but i want to sell it.

  5. Congrats!! It looks so nice on you and totally adds to your outfit. Chanel is very addicting...hehe. Now holly needs to join the club!

  6. your outfit is adorable! FANTASTIC bag.


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