Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fresh Air

A few snippets from my leisurely Sunday. :)

 {refreshing watermelon salad - recipe found here}

 {a simple summer cocktail}

 {juicy lucy}

{afternoon reading & wildflowers picked on the hike}


  1. what a nice, fun, relaxing day! don't you think living on the "mainland" makes you REALLY appreciate summer? i never cared what season it was before, when we lived in hawaii. i feel like we consciously make use of the nice summer days. this past saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day!

    that watermelon salad and juicy lucy look sooooo good! and what a yummy (yet still strong) cocktail! hhehheeehhe...

    cute summer table decor, too! =) i like how your summer reading includes two catalogs and no books. muahahaha. i guess that's what summer reading is! =P

  2. oh p.s. how was the hike??? we were totally gonna go on a hike on sunday too! but we ended up deciding that bikram yoga on saturday was enough... hahahha

  3. It is soo hot and watermelon salad seems delicious right now! Gorgeous and yummy :)

  4. omgosh that seems like the most awesome sunday ever!! a juicy lucy and watermlon salad yum!!!

  5. your vodka lemonade and watermelon salad sounds so refreshing!

    and the juicy lucy looks delicious! i swear, juicy lucies are the best way to eat a simple burger!

  6. hey mandy, how was the watermelon salad? i just looked at the recipe and it seems like kinda a lot of work so i was wondering if it's worth it... hahahha it looks yum!

  7. it's totally worth it. D said he prefers it over traditional caprese (but he doesn't usually like tomatoes, so he might be biased).


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