Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty Review: Target+Clarisonic

Some of my recent impulse purchases from Target...

[***] I've been using strawberry Lip Smacker for as long as I can remember, but I have heard great things about Burt's Bees lip balms and I'm a sucker for anything pomegranate so into my cart this went.  This balm has a slight medicinal feel and smells deliciously sweet.  So far it's doing the job and I will probably repurchase.

[*]  I bought this on a complete whim based on packaging and product name.  In short, I like nothing about it.  The formula has a rubbery texture that gets clumpy after more than one coat and my lashes fell flat instantly.  Perhaps if I had gotten the waterproof version my curl would have lasted longer, but I will not be repurchasing to find out.

[**]  I thought the concept of a curved nail file seemed interesting and possibly easier to use than a traditional straight file.  This nail file works decently well, but it's nothing special.


I have been reading reviews on the Clarisonic for some time but couldn't seem to justify the price for something that simply washes your face.  My skin had been particularly bad the past few months so I finally decided to try it out.  I purchased it from Sephora since they have a great return policy and in case the Clarisonic ruined my skin, at least I could get my money back.

[****]  I would love to give this five stars, but I haven't been using it long enough to witness all the potential benefits.  I'm trying a slow start (in attempt to graze over the "breakout period" I've been warned about) and using it only twice a week for the past few weeks.  So far I love it, my skin feels smoother, cleaner and less irritated.  My skin is quite sensitive and prone to breakouts, so I have been using the delicate brush head  and have not had any major breakouts since.  Does anyone else use the Clarisonic? How often do you use it?

{Benefit Coralista Blush - sample size}

[***]  This was a free sample from Sephora Beauty Insider.  It's pretty large for a free sample and a perfect size for travel.  I really like the color, it is a little reminiscent of Nars Orgasm, with less shimmer.  The blush is a little more powdery than I prefer, but still great for a free sample.  

[*] dislike [**] nothing special [***] like [****] favorite [*****] cannot live without


  1. Oh wow, is Sephora's return policy that good? Can you return used items if you don't like them? this would be good to know!

    Wow I've never considered getting the Clarisonic because YES, it just seems like paying a lot for something that is completely "extra." but it's interesting to know that it actually makes a noticeable difference!

    Yunno, based on your reviews... i think it really does pay to listen to the general public's reviews on beauty products! I have never heard of that mascara, which is prob because it is not anything special. but i have to admit, i'd prob buy it just bc the packaging is cute. hahhahah.

    i'm in need of more lip moisturizer. the Fresh Sugar one i bought ran out SO FAST, that even though i love the scent (the quality is OK, honestly it doesn't really keep my lips moisturized that long), i decided it's not worth $22.50. Although i just looked on their website and there is a new honey flavor! i'm every marketing/advertising company's dream come true.

    i've been looking for blush, but i may as well just cave in and try Nars orgasm. although i was thinking about trying Sin instead, since it seems similar to orgasm, but a cooler (as in not less red) shade.

  2. oh and actually the nail file seems like it would be harder to use!!!! yunno what i REALLY love. the sponge ones. those are the best!

  3. I love free samples! I hoard them :) I've been thinking about the Clairsonic for a while but have yet to jump the gun - looking forward to more reviews! :)

  4. haha you are the queen of blush!

    no matter how many other lip balms i try, i always go back to my strawberry lip smackers. i don't know if its a good thing (b/c its cheap) or a bad thing (b/c its kiddie).

    we have a clarisonic but i've only used it once. jason likes it. i have no idea why i don't use it. people rave about how fantastic it is though.

    it's funny you bought that nail file! i just saw it as a recommendation for summer nails in one of the magazines i read...instyle maybe? i just use regular old wooden nail files that i get for free when i stay at hotels. haha.


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