Monday, June 20, 2011

Todd English PUB

Todd English PUB at City Center in Las Vegas is fantastic! It was probably mine and Jason's favorite restaurant of our whole Vegas vacation!

{i took this picture for t. lynn}

{the New Amsterdam burger: beef patty, pastrami, swiss cheese, pickle relish}

{onion rings with spicy ranch (ranch dressing mixed with sriracha hot sauce) & dirty chips: potato chips with bacon, blue cheese dressing, fried chicken livers}

{bangers & mash}

{the chocolate bomb}


  1. Yumm... i want those onion rings and that cake! i love the tiny cast iron pot the mashed potatoes come in! so cute!

    hahaha that description of a vegetarian is probably true... i don't think t.lynn would make a very good hunter.

  2. that cake looks amazing! and the dirty chips too!

  3. bahaha we went here too.. i loved the dirty chips!

  4. I would be the worst hunter. I would be blind & have a bad sense of smell & always get lost. I would probably be killed immediately.

  5. George used to eat at Todd English restaurants in Boston (I think he's from there) & there's a couple in NY. I've never been but now I want to try them. I'll probably go to Olives sometime soon, I'll let you know how it is.


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