Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect for Summer: Wedge Sandals

3. Ash Lucy X Band Wedge Sandal - On sale for $157.50
4. Frye Corrina Stitched Wedge Sandals - On sale for $138.60


  1. ooo i really like number 2 and 3... actually #3 kinda reminds me of the wedges i just bought!

  2. yeah i like 2 & 3 too! hahaha. 6 is super cute too. and 5 looks like the platforms we talked about not wanting to come back in style! are you succumbing to the platform trend comeback?!?!?! heheheeh...

  3. I like them all but my favorites are 1 & 6. That flat platform trend is starting to grow on me though...especially since high heels are tough on my feet nowadays.

  4. Ooh these wedges are so cute. I actually really like #3 and this is really random but I just bought a cute pair of wedges in LA a couple days ago and they were $18 and I realize now they are total knockoffs of your pic #2. haha. I'm so glad wedges are in style because they are so comfortable.

    Oh yea, thanks so much for your comment too on Paris and I totally agree with you. I definitely think it would be tough to have that much $$$ and not take advantage of laziness so she does deserve some props. hehe

  5. Oh I love #6 - until I saw the price. YIPES! :O)


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