Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freemans: Brunch in the Red Room

191 Chrystie St.
(at the end of Freeman Alley off Rivington btw Chrystie & the Bowery)

"A perfect cozy space at the end of an unused alley off the Bowery.
A rugged clandestine colonial American tavern.
An early American cuisine: simple, rustic, & inspired by old world traditions."

{The Red Room - through the doors}

{The Drawing Room}

{Freemans Brunch}


{Bloody Maria}

{House-made Granola, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, honey}

{Poached eggs with roasted tomato, cheddar cheese grits, buttered toast}

{Baked egg white skillet, asparagus, spring herbs, Westfield goat cheese, grilled baguette}


  1. i swear you go to the best looking brunch places ever!

    i would kill for that poached eggs and grits dish!

    and the decor at this place seems super quaint and rustic...almost like you're in someone's cottage in the woods!

  2. i dunno how you stay so skinny living in NYC. i know u walk a lot but c'mon, there's no amount of walking i could do to work off the calories of what i'd eat if i lived there!!!! i'd devour everything in this post.

    where can i find a place like this to eat at in OC!?!??!?!

  3. OMG,yum. This food all looks so delicious. I usually never go out for breakfast but all of this looks really good. I love greek yogurt and the mimosa looks tasty too.

    Nice post -I like the ambiance of that place a lot, based on the pics hehe

  4. YUMMY!!! :) cute blog!

    Charli. :)

  5. i forgot to comment on this yesterday... that place is cool! it totally looks like you're in another world. i have a new found love for cheesey grits. i want!


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