Friday, June 24, 2011

Beat the Heat

I'll be in Vegas this weekend and is threatening heat in the triple digits (yikes!). To keep cool, I will be... 

{trying a cute new hairstyle discovered on Pinterest}

 {packing bright colors, crisp whites and nautical stripes}

{drinking Vita Coco, refreshing and healthy!}

{ahh... who am I kidding, I'll be having one of these}

Happy weekend!


  1. love that hairstyle !!! you must post pics if you wear your hair like that ( I'm hair retarded I can't do anything nice with mine haha )

  2. have fun in vegas!

    holly & i literally just had a conversation about coconut water yesterday....i love coconut water!

    everytime you have an alcoholic drink, i think you should have one for me too. haha. =)

  3. haha so cute! i love this post! we were in vegas last week and it was 108 everyday! i'm SO not use to it.. hello i live in sf where it's 60 degrees everday! even inside the hotel with AC it was still hot thats how bad it was.. haha.. but as long as you keep rehydrated with mojito's i think you'll be fine bahahaha!

  4. lovely post....sounds like a fun weekend....enjoy....

  5. you should show us your new hairdo! =)

    your bright summery clothes look cute!

    yeah, me and shan were totally just talking about coconut water!!!!! i told her it tastes like mildewy water. HAHAH... but i drink it anyway bc i feel like it's healthy!

    i wish i was in vegas right now!!!!


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