Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brides & Grooms

Designers Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, & Levi's support the Human Rights Campaign's New Yorkers for Marriage Equality with store front window displays across Manhattan.

{A wedding at Marc Jacobs - all eyes on the brides}

{Two of a Kind at Kate Spade}

{Brides & Grooms at Michael Kors}

{Levi's for NY marriage equality}

More information at HRC - NY & HRC Back Story


  1. wow this is awesome! i do have a very strong opinion about this issue but try not to get involved or say too much because i feel it's not my place (i have no idea why, i guess because i'm not gay?) although it is really inspiring to see people (esp. those with wide-reaching influence) speaking out for others. i wonder if there is anything similar going on here...

    The Levi's windows are very "proud!"

  2. Just in time for Pride! Cool to see how the shops are adding perspective.

  3. Wow, this is so cool. Thanks for sharing because I never would have seen this otherwise. The big Pride Parade is this weekend in SF. I think it's so classy how these designers had their windows decorated. The Marc Jacobs one is so cute with the flowers and wedding set up :)


  4. i love that designers are showing their support for gay marriage...and what better way to express their opinion than to use their window displays in NYC! such a cool post!


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