Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hanger Appeal

My boyfriend has been telling me that our walls are bare & since I am an "artist", why don't we have "art" on our walls? I do not like to see my work displayed, but I thought it would be fun to paint something. I considered painting either furniture or frames, & frames seemed more realistic. So for our anniversary (which was a week ago), I decided to decorate one of the walls in our apartment with a melange of framed prints.

I found these frames at Housing Works Thrift Shop (23rd btw 3rd & Lex)
& Vintage Thrift Store (3rd btw 22nd & 23rd).
I got a little side tracked at Vintage Thrift. I couldn't resist. Look how cute!
For this activity, you will need: sandpaper, primer, removable masking tape, & paint.
To start, it is a good idea to open a beer, which often makes projects more enjoyable.
If you decide to buy sandpaper sheets instead of a sanding block, you will find that your fingertips get very hot while sanding. You should probably wrap the sandpaper around something block-like for better grip, such as your boyfriend's rubik's cube.
After sanding the surface to even out imperfections & remove excess paint, you may choose to prime your frames. Here is an example of a really bad priming job.
You'll need to sand the frames again after the primer dries. I was temped to just stop after this step & go for the distressed look, but I'll finish up next week.
Check back next week Thursday to see how the frames turn out!


  1. Perhaps if u didn't open the beer, your frames wouldn't have come out with the distressed look! Haha jk. Actually I really like distressed looking furniture.

    Your post made me laugh so hard.

  2. hehhee yes this was funny. the other funny thing was that i was just working on my first DIY project last night, too! and when i saw the beer idea i was like OMG why did i not open a beer while doing it, it would have been a lot more fun! hhahahhah. thanks for the tip!

    i also plan to do a frame wall, however, since i am not an artist by ANY means, mine will be very different from yours. =P i'm excited to see how yours turns out! it might give me motivation to actually get started!!! although after doing crafts on Tuesday with mandy, shannyn, and rachel, i'm pretty motivated to do crafty things!

  3. oh and P.S. CUTE BAG!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh my goodness, sanding down those frames looks like a lot of work. and i guess a beer WOULD help make that more enjoyable... hahaha.

    can't wait to see your frame wall!

  5. Hey now. In my defense, the frames would have had the distressed look by this step regardless of the skill level of the priming stage, due to sanding the primer. Just sayin!

    What you didn't see in the picture of the beer was that the end of my bottle opener is a horse hoof! How awesome is that!


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