Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Indulgences

Artisanal Cheese Platter: 
Pierre Robert, Prima Donna, Ossau Iraty, & fig jam
These cheeses were seriously indescribable!  The Pierre Robert triple-creme on a fig baguette, drizzled with honey (pictured below) was to die for.

Wine, fruit, and indoor S'mores for dessert
Nothing beats the simplicity and perfection of a precisely toasted marshmallow, the original Hershey's chocolate, sandwiched between two crispy graham crackers, all combined in one melty, gooey, sugary, delicious bite!

Of course, these indulgences are best enjoyed with the company of great friends!  Hope you all have a great weekend with yummy food and fun friends!


  1. mmm yes, everything was so~ yum! and the company was great! hehehe.

    did you sneak in any smores this week with the leftover ingredients? :D

  2. yummy! that Pierre-Robert triple cream on fig bread looks soooo goooood. mmm.

    that is a cool smores maker/platter!!!

  3. HELLS YEAH I DID! microwave s'mores for dessert, so easy!

    i'm obsessed with cheese!!! =P hehehhe totalllllly excitable me -->

  4. cheese, baguettes, and favorite things all neatly packaged into one post :-)

  5. wow, everything looks so good! great pictures.

  6. Omgosh cheese and honey! Match made in heaven!


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