Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eleanor Hardwick: Spellbound

I know almost nothing of this photographer, except that she is young, & she is incredible. Her photos -- mystical, sometimes dark, & always dreamy -- tell entire stories captured within a single shot. "Mad Hatter Tea" & "Home" are two of the most beautiful images I have ever come across. Eleanor Hardwick is, indeed, spell binding.

Mad Hatter Tea

Home - photo 1 of 4 contributions to the home project

Home - photo 4 of 4 contributions to the home project

Christmas Party

Black Magic



  1. it's the photograph from your frame wall!

    her images are quite ethereal and mysterious... yet beautiful. it's amazing that she's only 17!

  2. it's pretty amazing how she is able to tell a story through her photographs! i wonder how much thought and planning goes into each one. they're really not just snapshots, they're art!

    each and every photo is though provoking and interesting, and also very pretty at the same time. cool!

  3. wow- she is definitely creative! and her passion for photography definitely shows. the rabbit mask reminded me a little of donny darko. heh.


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