Friday, July 15, 2011

Celine In Action

{Zara blazer; Express maxi; DKNY sandals; pearl & chains necklace from Rachel; Celine Mini Luggage bag}

I fell in love with this hot pink blazer after seeing it on another blog and had to track it down when I visited California! I love that the hot pink color brightens the grey dress and gives this work outfit a more cheerful feel than if I had paired it with a black blazer.


  1. the blazer really does add a pop to your outfit! i really want a brightly colored blazer.. but i'm such a neutral lover, its hard for me to actually make the purchase.

    you look so cute and summery for work!

  2. i love this outfit! =)i think i start every one of your outfit posts with this comment. hahah!

    the pink blazer is such a cute color and goes perfectly with your gray maxi! yay for maxi's! it is seriously your fault i'm hooked! remember that post you did a long time ago when you said you wanted a maxi even though it wasn't "in." hahah...

    i'm excited because i think i'm gonna wear my nordstrom maxi to the wedding this month! =P

    back to the subject... i love your celine. it really pulls the outfit together and makes it super chic! a chic pregnant woman, who'da thought?!

  3. omgosh shan you look BLEEPIN' CUTE! the hot pink and the grey look so gorgeous together.. and i LOVE that zara blazer.. i see it everytime i go to zara's and think about getting it.. it's so pretty on you!! your celine is SO chic!!! ditto what holly said.. who'da thought?!


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